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What is Radon Testing?

  • Testing uses active or passive devices to sample air ( or water)
  • For the period of time tested, the radon concentration is determined
  • The result is compared to the EPA (4.0 pCi/L) or WHO (2.7) 'action level'
  • It is recommended to consider mitigation above those levels

For an EPA protocol test, in a real estate transaction, the following test conditions should be observed. The testing should be performed in the lowest level of the home which is furnished or which could potentially be habitable.

  • 48 hour minimum test period
  • Closed house 12 hours before
  • Closed house 48 hours during testing period
  • Do not test during high winds or severe storms
  • Central in the space:
    • greater than 20 inches off the floor
    • greater than 3 feet from windows/doors/walls
    • not in a closet,hall or stairs


We do not provide mitigation services. Please contact NRSB for approved mitigators in your area.

Mitigation by sub-slab depressurization, is considered the most effective method, drawing gases from under the building slab and discharging them into the atmosphere above the home.